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Stagecast Software develops and licenses a point-and-click programming platform for interactive, Web-based simulations.


Stagecast has developed a platform for quick and intuitive creation of deeply interactive simulations, that include models, games, stories, and lessons. The company's approach to simulation authoring is based on the use of a proprietary, graphical, point-and-click programming method which allows users to "program by demonstration." In seven years of extensive testing, it has proven to be usable by people of all ages, even those with no training in programming. It is delivered as a platform that can be extended by third parties to expand the range of simulations that can be built.


The market opportunity for Stagecast lies in the power of interactive simulations to answer "what if" questions. Stagecast is targeting several market segments that are ideally suited to incorporating simulations:

  • Companies can increase their Web sites' stickiness by including simulations that demonstrate product performance, offer a service, or simply entertain visitors.
  • Enterprise companies can improve the effectiveness of intranet-based training through the proven ability of simulations to teach.
  • Consumers can not only play but even build multi-user games played over the Internet, either in a virtual space or physically connected to smart toys.
  • Educators can demonstrate complex concepts quickly and easily.

Stagecast Creator™ is the award-winning, standalone product that enables users to create interactive simulations. The authoring tool features a user-friendly graphical interface with which simulations can be created by people of all ages. Since it is written in Java, it runs on all suitable Java-enabled computers. The simulations can be played as Java applications or applets. A free Player runs as a standalone application. The free Web Player runs within a Web browser window. Both of these Players will run any simulation created with the authoring tool and allow limited modifications to the simulation.


Stagecast founders include David Smith and Allen Cypher, the original inventors of the Stagecast technology, and Larry Tesler, former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Apple. Founded in 1997 and based in Burlingame, CA, the company was financed by IDG Ventures, Essex Investment Management, William T. Coleman, III, Esther Dyson, Mitch Kapor, private investors represented by Morningside Ventures, and other private investors. The Corporate Backgrounder provides additional information about Stagecast.

"Stagecast's authoring tools are simple and powerful. Business people can use them to build forecasting and process simulations. Teachers and students can use them to create scientific, social and behavioral simulations. Kids can use them to create the games and worlds they imagine. We invested in Stagecast because we think that easy-to-use simulation software will be as important in the future as easy-to-use spreadsheets or calculators are today." —Susan Cheng, IDG Ventures

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