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You want games? We've got them! Play them online or download them so you can change them in Stagecast Creator.

Thunder Star Play Thunder Star. Fly your ship through space in this multi-level space shooter game. (Requires Stagecast Web Player.)
Eliots Duck Play Eliot's Duck. Guide Eliot over the river and through the woods to find his missing duck. (Not available for Netscape on the Mac.) Download (213 KB)
Ladder Mazes Play Ladder Mazes. Journey through five levels of mind-bending fun in a world of exciting and unique mazes. Download (131 KB)
Sixes Play Sixes. Be the first to move all your pieces to the other side of the board in this two-person board game. Download (22 KB)
SokobanPirate Play Sokoban Pirate. Help the pirate collect the treasure scattered over the desert island! (Use this version if you are playing on Netscape on the Mac.) Download (16 KB)
FlightClub Play Flight Club. Help the bird splat the cars on the busy freeway below. (Requires Stagecast Web Player.) Download (533 KB)


For best performance, we recommend you use a computer with a processor speed of at least 150 MHz (Windows) or 200 MHz (Mac).  Java-enabled, version 4.0 or higher browser required. Let us know if you need help.


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What Are Sims?

Our collection of sims--games, interactive stories, and simulations built with Stagecast Creator--has been developed by Stagecast as well as by individual contributors. These sims can be played using Stagecast Creator or Stagecast Player. If you download them, you can modify them using Creator. Files with the .world extension can be played in both versions 1 and 2 of Creator and Player. Files with the .sim extension require version 2 to play.

Remember, you can make any sim you want in Creator. You are not limited to the ones here. These sims are fun to play online and can give you ideas for your own sims. You can reuse the characters in them and their rules in your own sims, just by dragging from one sim to the other.


View Online:
You can play all of the games on this web site in your browser. Try the ones featured above. For most games on this site, all you have to do to play is click on a "Play" or "View Online" link. The sim will automatically start running. If it doesn't, you can get online help.

For a few of the games in our collection, you must download the Stagecast Web Player onto your computer before playing them in your browser. You may see a message prompting you to download the software if needed.

Need help with the Web Player? Please read the Web Help file.

You can download a sim to your computer so that you have your own copy. Then you can run it locally using Stagecast Creator or Player. You won't need to use a browser. To do this, simply click on a "Download" link above. The sim will automatically be copied to your computer. Then close the browser and launch Stagecast Creator or Player. Click on the button that says open a sim (in version 2) or open a world (in version 1) and find the sim you just downloaded.

Trouble? If the sim is downloaded into your browser window as a page of nonsense characters instead of being saved as a file, then it didn't work right. To fix it, you may do one of the following:

  1. Save the ASCII page to disk by choosing the "Save As" command in your browser's File menu. Choose the file type "All Files." On a Mac, the sim file will be saved to your desktop. On a Windows computer, we suggest saving it in your Stagecast folder.

  2. Or you can drag the "Download" link to your desktop rather than clicking on it. (Hint: you must start dragging right away before the browser's pop-up menu appears.)



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